Thursday, 28 August 2008

Offa's Dyke Path (Intro)

This is a trip me and a friend R A J Moore did in 1991 August. None of us have done a long walk like this before. He was working as a student nurse and I was a student. He had a bit of money. I had less so. We planned a lot and more. But without any experience it is a lottery. What to carry was a bit of a problem. I did not have any shoes. So went shopping and bought myself a pair of "hockey" style boots. Ankle job of a pair of deck shoes. Cost £ 5. Thats all I had anyhow. The rest of the gear is just what I had at home. Lots of tshirts, lots of socks and lots of nickers. Two pairs of jeans, one summer jacket. A cycling top I had which makes squeaky noices. No tent. A piece of plastic sheeting. Sleeping bag. Thats about it. Ready for the road, to walk 179 miles across Wales.

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